The United Kindom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

NEP Jack

The flag.

Coat of arms

Coat of arms

Capital London
Official language(s) English
Ethnic groups 71% White
13% Black
6% Mixed-race
5% South Asian
5% Other
Demonym British, or Briton
Government Imperial dictatorship
 -  President/Emperor Karl Lynne (New Empire Party/NEP)

Prime Ministers

John Lennon (England)
Claire Magnus (Scotland)
Gareth Russelltey (Wales)
Jan Bea (Northern Ireland)

Legislature Parliament


62 million
Currency  Pound Sterling (GBP)

The United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland  (often known as the United Kingdom) is a collection of four countries in Europe. The capitol city of both the UK and England is London.


The United Kingdom

The current president is the Canadian-born Karl Lynne, who stripped the monarchy of all power in occordance with the abdication of King Charles III. Lynne was the Prime Minister of the UK at the time and made himself president following this. Every five years a presidential election is held. Every year that the presidential election is not happening, a prime ministerial one is. The year after the first presidential election, Oliver Pawkins was elected Prime Minister of England. The year after this, Graham Bradshaw became the Prime Minister of Scotland. The following two years, Owen Wendellyn became Prime Minister of Wales and Jan Bea for Northern Ireland. Lynne kept office the next year. The year after this, John Lennon, formerly of band The Beatles, became Prime Minister of England. Bradshaw stayed Prime Minister if Scotland, as did Wendellyn and Bea. In the third presidential election, Lynne and the Labour Party lost to Frederick Baker and the Liberal Democrats. Lennon stayed Prime Minister of England, whilst Bradshaw and Wendellyn lost their positions to Claire Magnus and Gareth Russelltey respectively. In the next election, Lynne and his creation, the New Empire Party (NEP) were voted in. Lynne then suspended all elections until his death.

The United Kingdom was created in 1707 (further developed in 1801 and 1922), but ended in 1998, being re-formed after English Prime Minister Karl Lynne and the Bank of England were given all of the monarch's land. To show that  the NEP were now in control, Lynne replaced the original Union Jack flag with the Union Karl flag, with numerous NEP colours featured (brown, a lighter red, black and bronze).

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